Collection: Take or Toss

This listing is for the Take or Toss game for Tik Tok live. 

How to order:  (all are lower priced then normal pricing!) 

1. Place an order for how many molds you want to spin for (molds are chosen at random)

2. Checkout as normal

3. Your order is now placed in the queue!

4. Hop on to my Tik Tok live  @ccsfreshiesandmolds on scheduled time (posted on Facebook group- CC's Freshies & Molds.  Wait for your turn to spin! 

 How the game will work:

You purchase your molds on the website.  Your order will then be placed in the queue. Once it's your turn I will spin the wheel for you which will have a series of numbers. Whichever number it lands on I will pick from that numbered envelope. Each envelope will have a picture of a mold in it. You can choose to Take that mold or Toss it. If you toss you will get one more spin. Whatever number it lands on I will again take a mold photo out of envelope and that is your mold! There will be a few extras on the wheel such as a percent off your next order and a free spin which will give you an option to toss your second! We shall see how this goes!! Thought it would be a super fun way for me to get to interact with you all! And give you all a chance to get some molds at a discounted price while having a little fun with it!!