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  • Freshie Spinner

    This is a custom spinning surface used to decorate your freshies! You can have whatever design you want in the middle . You can have your logo (great for decorating on lives!) your favorite animal, sports team you name it!

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  • Print Fringe

    Check out our print fringe! Such a fun way to add more character to your freshies!

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  • Freshie Glamour Hammers

    Super cute tool used to hit the glitter off your freshies while decorating! Best part...You design it!

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Shaker Mold Starter Kit

Starter Kit includes:

  • The round 3"  shaker  Mold.
  • 5 Three inch cardstock rounds
  • 5 Precut clear film
  • 5 Glitter borders
  • 1 Bag (30 grams) of shaker filler
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